Which Revit Files are Your Designers Using the Most? Find Out With AVAIL Analytics


AVAIL Analytics reports help User Admins keep track of data like the usage of Revit files in projects, firm-wide search activity for content, and overall designer usage of AVAIL. All Enterprise customer administrators have access to AVAIL Analytics to monitor their firm’s AVAIL data usage. Reports include Overview, Search, Users, Content, Flags & Comments, Channel Activity, Projects, Application Usage, and Harvest. Explore examples of a firm’s reports from our demo account below and learn more about what is measured in each.


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AVAIL Analytics Reports

Explore your company’s AVAIL data usage through the following reports.

Enterprise customers already have access to AVAIL Analytics. AVAIL User Admins can simply visit analytics.getavail.com and log in.  All reports are automatically set to pull data from the previous 12 months but can be filtered by a different block of time. 

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AVAIL Analytics Overview

The Overview report lets administrators explore the following for all channels in an AVAIL account.

  • Total users

  • Total searches

  • Total content actions

  • Total content actions by month in a bar graph

Administrators can also filter these data points by specific users and channels.




AVAIL Analytics Search

One of our favorite reports, the Search report lets User Admins explore the firm’s search activity, including what users aren't able to find by filtering searches with zero results. The report includes the following:

  •  Total number of searches by month in a line graph
  • Search terms ranked by frequency

Administrators can filter both of the above by user, channel, search terms, and between tag and text searches.




AVAIL Analytics Users-1

Administrators can keep track of their active users by month in the Users report. They can filter to see which months a particular user was active or which channels users were active in and when.




AVAIL Analytics Content-1

To keep a finger on the pulse of what RFAs, RVTs, and other pieces of content are commonly used at their firm, administrators can use the Content report featuring the following:

  •  A list of top users by downloads
  • A list of most used content ranked from the content files with the most tracked actions to the least
  • Total content usage by user in a bar graph, highlighting the following action types: add flag, download, drag content, load, and open content

User Admins can filter the above data by user, file name, and channel.



Flags & Comments

AVAIL Analytics Flags & Comments

Serving as a dashboard to keep track of the firm’s flags and comments on particular Revit files and other content, the Flags & Comments report features the following:

  • Number of overall flags and comments
  • Bar graph of when and how many flags and comments were made
  • List of files most recently commented on or flagged

Administrators can filter the above data by user who made the action, channel, file name, or type of action.


Channel Activity

AVAIL Analytics Channel Activity

Which channels in the firm’s library have seen the most action over the last year? The Channel Activity report makes it easy to see where the action is happening with the following elements.

  • Bar graph showing channel activity by month in color-coded channel stacks
  • Total actions of each channel ranked by greatest to least

Channel activity can be filtered by specific channel and user.



AVAIL Analytics Projects

“This report helps you see who used what, and where they used it," AVAIL Customer Success Manager Todd Trivisonno says. To see actions within projects over the last 12 months, the Projects report features the following:

  • Total project actions
  • Project actions by month in a bar graph
  • Project name ranked by most recent action
  • Document ID ranked by most number of users

Administrators can filter the above by user, project name, source mode, file name, Revit element name, channel name, document ID, and search term.



Application Usage

AVAIL Analytics Application Usage

User Admins can keep track of deployments by monitoring AVAIL Desktop versions and which add-on applications are in use by a firm’s users with the Application Usage report, which features the following:

  • List of application and version in use and how many users are using them
  • Application usage by month in a bar graph 

Administrators can filter the above by user, channel, and application.




AVAIL Analytics Harvest

Keep track of harvested Revit elements in the Harvest report, which features the following:

  • Harvested content ranked by recency of harvest
  • Harvest content updates in a bar graph

Administrators can filter the above by user, channel, and RVT source. 




Founded in 2016 as a solution for architectural firms to find the information they need faster, AVAIL creates software for the global architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. AVAIL’s content management system (CMS) platform and Revit application tools help AEC firms take control of their intricate network of files in one visual, streamlined solution. Spun out of ArchVision, a provider of Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC), AVAIL’s customers include industry leaders like Gensler, Perkins + Will, IMEG, LEO A DALY, and Populous.

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