Batch Upgrade Revit Files to Newer Revit Versions with AVAIL


AVAIL now gives customers the power to convert Revit files to newer versions with the preview release of Revit Application Version Management. Learn more about the new feature and how you can request a demo or add a preview of it to your AVAIL account below. 

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Introducing: Revit Application Version Management

With AVAIL’s latest releases of AVAIL Desktop (4.6) and AVAIL for Revit (5.2) comes the opportunity for customers to preview AVAIL’s newest feature: Revit Application Version Management.  

Once a painful, manual process, Revit application versioning is now automatic. AVAIL Publishers – often BIM managers at a firm — are able to batch upgrade Revit files to new Revit versions by simply uploading the files to an AVAIL Host-in-Cloud Channel. AVAIL will automatically convert the files to newer versions from Revit 2021 through Revit 2025.

For users (designers) in the company’s account, the experience is then seamless. They can search, select, and utilize Revit content, regardless of what Revit version they are working in.


Saving AEC firms valuable time

As a company focused on creating content management system (CMS) solutions for the global architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, we knew this process of versioning content was a pain-point for our Revit-using customer base. 

A core goal of ours is to develop systems that save our customers time, and that was the motivation that led us to build the ability to automatically version-up Revit content into our AVAIL for Revit suite of capabilities. 

This new feature saves time for both the publishers and users. BIM managers no longer have to block off their schedules and lock themselves away when a firm’s library needs updating. Publishers only have to create a Revit Family once, drop it in the AVAIL Host-in-Cloud Channel to version, and share that object out to their team. 

Likewise, designers no longer have to waste time sifting through the various versioned files of that Family to find the one they need. All end-users have to do is grab that seemingly singular object from the AVAIL platform and drag and drop it into their Revit session. The system intelligently uses the correct version for each user. 

Now, both BIM managers and designers are free to focus on more creative, meaningful tasks.


Gain access to this new feature

Revit Application Version Management will be available to select AVAIL Enterprise customers first as a preview feature. Other customers and interested parties are encouraged to demo the new feature with an AVAIL team member. 

AVAIL Enterprise customers:
To gain access, customers must first download the latest versions of AVAIL Desktop (4.6) and AVAIL for Revit (5.2), then fill out this form to register interest in having the preview feature added to their account. 

Other customers and interested parties:
For anyone interested in seeing Revit Application Version Management in action, the feature is also available to demo with an AVAIL team member. Those interested in a feature demonstration are also encouraged to fill out this form.

Learn more about the new versions of AVAIL Desktop and AVAIL for Revit.

Request a demo of or access to the preview feature Revit Application Version Management.



Founded in 2016 as a solution for architectural firms to find the information they need faster, AVAIL creates software for the global architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. AVAIL’s content management system (CMS) platform and Revit application tools help designers and engineers take control of their intricate network of files in one visual, streamlined solution. Spun out of ArchVision, a provider of Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC), AVAIL’s customers include industry leaders like Gensler, Perkins + Will, IMEG, LEO A DALY, and Populous.

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