Spotlight: The Top Features of AVAIL's Content Management System

Within all software interfaces, feature optimization is key to successful growth and engagement.  Our team at AVAIL is constantly refining our product based on feedback from our users, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on our latest upgrades.

Our suite of features creates a concise, focused, and content-specific ecosystem that has been engineered to give you as much flexibility, access, and control as possible - all within a sleek, non-cluttered, image-based interface.  Why not take advantage of the full range of features to create a dynamic, powerful system designed especially for your team?

Check out this list of features that can help you get optimal CMS results:

  1. Make your files beautiful:  Generate, Virtualize, and Customize with High-Res Thumbnails

    At the heart of AVAIL is the ability to see it all at once:  every piece of data in your arsenal, rendered with glorious high-resolution thumbnails, and viewable in infinite combinations thanks to our cross-channel search functionality.

    Amplify your user experience with our full suite of thumbnail tools - including P.I.G., Custom Thumbnail integration, and the Revit Thumbnail Generator.

    Learn more in our Knowledge Base.
  2. Curate anything, anywhere:  File and Data Location Agnostic

    Removing the 'where' is a profound concept in BIM workflows:  how can the ubiquitous “where is XYZ stored?” question be diminished or removed from your firm’s daily practice?

    AVAIL Content Management is completely “file type agnostic,” allowing users to make changes or edits to files regardless of which software, cloud service, web platform or app it utilizes.  This openness allows for engagement across all levels of your team, helping build trust not just in your CMS, but in the design process itself.

    Learn more in our Knowledge Base.
  3. Think big with URL links:  Use AVAIL to make Real-Time Edits in Google Docs and Dropbox

    AVAIL has played nicely with URL links for quite some time, allowing you to index and tag web apps and websites into your content library.  You can now use our expanded embedment functionality to integrate collaborative web tools - like Google Docs, Trello, or Miro - into your CMS and your workflow.

    Learn more in our Knowledge Base.
  4. Automate basic BIM tasks:  AVAIL Stream

    What if your Content Management interface could filter, index, tag, and upload content by itself?  AVAIL Stream allows you to do just that, creating an ecosystem of vibrant content that requires minimal setup and maintenance.  Simply set up a few rules-based parameters, point them at your File System, and press play.

    Learn more in our Knowledge Base.
  5. Virtualize individual RVT assets without disrupting container Files:  AVAIL Harvest 2.0

    AVAIL Harvest 2.0 is a Revit Add-in that virtualizes individual Revit elements within an RVT file, allowing you to view and deploy all assets in AVAIL without breaking up your container files.  Thanks to our Virtualization Process, your Revit Drafting Views, Sheets, Schedules, Legends, Groups, Families, and System Families can be indexed into your library as individual elements while living inside a centrally maintained Container File.

    What this means for BIM Managers and BIM Consumers is exponentially improved searchability and visual recognition within the AVAIL Interface, without the need to break out individual files - achieved through a simple automated workflow.

    Learn more in our Knowledge Base.
  6. Bridge the gap between on-prem and cloud data systems with hybrid cloud file storage:  AVAIL Host-In-Cloud

    The proliferation of cloud-hosting in recent years has allowed for massive benefits in the AECO industry:  flexible remote access, high-speed data connections, improved collaboration, and network security improvements - just to name a few.

    It has also led to a plurality of locations where BIM Content may be stored, leaving users scanning their memory (or email records) in order to find the content they need.

    AVAIL’s hybrid approach to Cloud Hosting removes the 'where?' from the content retrieval equation, allowing firms to store data wherever they like (BIM 360, OneDrive, Sharepoint, AWS, or On-Prem) while indexing every piece of content within one sleek interface.

    Learn more in our Knowledge Base.
  7. Don’t underestimate our Revit Integration:  How AVAIL Simplifies and Centralizes Revit Workflows

    At the highest level, AVAIL can be viewed as bringing together two invaluable capabilities: the ability to see all of your content with high-resolution thumbnails, and the ability to search for all of your content with cross-channel search.

    Learn more about what this dynamic means for your BIM and Design Process workflows, as well as an overview of how automation can make the dream of Digital Transformation a reality.

    Learn more in our Knowledge Base.
  8. Focus and streamline your content library efforts with behavioral data:  AVAIL Analytics

    Having visibility into which pieces of content your team is using, how they are using it (and how often) can provide powerful insights into the use and optimization of your Digital Library.  AVAIL Analytics (powered by Google) allows you to track everything from which channels and search terms are most popular, to which users are the most active, to flags and comments.

    Learn more in our Knowledge Base.


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