Added Feature: Drag & Drop Sheets with Live Legends

Discover how AVAIL's new feature allows you to efficiently use predefined legends without needing to store them in your template, streamlining project setup and reducing complexity.


Revit Limitation 

Views with static content (text, lines, etc.) can be dragged & dropped from AVAIL to a project you are working on easily. However, if a view has active Revit families laid out in it, the drag and drop function will not work. 

In this case, we are specifically talking about a legend view; Revit will not transfer the Revit families with the legend view into the active project, rendering the action useless. 

As a result, a user will need to load the necessary Revit families into the active project and rebuild the whole legend, or all of that content and the view itself will need to be stored in the Revit template, bloating the template and increasing complexity over the long term.   

AVAIL Feature Add

  1. AVAIL can Harvest sheets with active Revit families.
  2. AVAIL can drag & drop sheets with active Revit families into a project.

Technical Value

  1. Batch load all Revit families needed for a legend through the legend view into the project for the development of documentation.
  2. Automatically build (because it is already created) a legend or a full sheet of views with active Revit families for your active project.
  3. Continue to manage a lean template because legends do not have to be stored in the template itself.  

Value Drivers 

Improve operations efficiency & reduce risk:

Reduce Project Set-Up Time 

A bloated template can take longer to open and work in, decreasing file performance. With less content stored in a template, the project setup time becomes faster and more manageable. In addition, rather than having to recreate legends that weren’t stored in a template (that you likely just created for another project a few days or weeks prior), you can easily drag-and-drop the sheet with the legends needed in a few clicks, and you know the content you are using is up-to-date. 

Manage Complexity 

Your firm likely has hundreds if not thousands (or more) projects with legends stored in them…and you would love to use them and not have to recreate the wheel…but which one is the most accurate? Which one do you use? It can certainly get overwhelming and can seem complicated. When users are pushed to use vetted and approved content, and can easily access and retrieve it, we reduce complexity and inaccuracies. 

Increase Workload Capacity 

When you aren’t wasting hours recreating views and sheets that you have already put together numerous times before, you suddenly have more time to work on additional projects.

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