Panzura and AVAIL Partner to Enable Real-World, Global Collaboration on BIM Content

Industry-leading bundle empowers distributed AEC teams to work faster, more efficiently towards successful project deliveries.

Campbell, Calif. – Nov 19, 2019 – Panzura, the leader in collaborative file and data management for global enterprises, today announced a partnership with AVAIL, a leading digital content management platform for building professionals, to help distributed design teams deliver high-quality Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects faster and with more predictable outcomes. 

The companies’ joint solution, announced today at Autodesk University, introduces an integration between AVAIL, Panzura Freedom and The integration unifies data silos across the organization into one global cloud file system, and enables team members to collaborate efficiently using a single source of truth to data. 

 When AVAIL’s visually aesthetic content management system is combined with Panzura’s global cloud file system, team members can access graphics-intensive design content in seconds, irrespective of geography and file sizes. In addition, multiple team members can work on the same data sets or even the same file at the same time, if that application supports it, from discrete locations without any fears of collisions, overrides, or versions being lost in the system. Very low latency results in improved productivity for the entire team. 

In turn, AVAIL’s innovative approach to virtualizing thumbnail images allows designers to browse massive libraries with little or no latency across any network, LAN, WAN or cloud. Previously this process was so painful as to make visual browsing impossible. allows file search, monitoring and audit through one single dashboard, regardless of the cloud in which files are located. log analytics include a built-in dashboard for Autodesk’s Revit 3D collaborative CAD application, allowing specific views over what Revit files teams are working on. 

Randall Stevens, CEO of AVAIL, said: “As the sophistication levels of BIM design tools reach new heights, the end product and massive amounts of embedded data remain siloed, anchored to individual software and hidden within an office or project. Panzura, when bundled with AVAIL, unifies content silos into one global cloud file system with greater transparency and support for collaborative workflows that drive consistent, high-quality design outcomes.” 

Jason C. McKinney, SVP of Alliances and Channel at Panzura, said: “The cloud is often billed as offering freedom to AEC professionals to collaborate together from anywhere, but conventional cloud data storage technology is actually having the opposite effect – it’s stifling collaboration and productivity and racking up long-term harm to unsuspecting businesses,” said Jason. “When AVAIL’s solution is combined with Panzura’s global data file system, team members worldwide can access graphics-intensive files of any size in seconds and work collaboratively on the same data sets or in some cases even the same file. Very low latency results in improved productivity and better outcomes for the entire team.” 

AVAIL and Panzura “as-a-service” cloud solutions facilitate real-world collaboration and position AEC firms for accelerated growth through increased productivity:

  • Powerful search engine and data visualization capabilities eliminate time wasted searching endlessly for information, recreating work that can’t be found, or worse, reusing work that’s defective.
  • Near instantaneous file retrieval.  Users can access any file in seconds, rather than minutes, including bandwidth-intensive files, irrespective of their size, geographic location, or date last accessed.
  • Data insights and transparency helps drive IT decisions that eliminate scale and performance bottlenecks.


AVAIL is quickly gaining recognition among architectural firms as the software of choice for managing Building Information Modeling (BIM) content. Spun-out of ArchVision, a provider of rich photo-realistic content (RPC), AVAIL leveraged its industry expertise to address the growing problem of digital asset management. AVAIL’s unique solution is why industry leaders like Gensler, Dialog, LEO A DALY, and Populous have adopted its Software-as-a-Service platform to help their teams create and manage successful architectural designs. To learn more about AVAIL, visit

About Panzura

Panzura is the leader in collaborative file and data management for the global enterprise, which includes Panzura Freedom and Panzura Freedom provides software-defined, multi-cloud file services to enterprises in over 7500 sites globally across 33 countries. The multi-cloud data management service enables enterprises to meet the most demanding requirements for data search, ML analytics, and governance in a multi-cloud world. To learn more about Panzura, visit


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