The AVAIL Newsletter: May 2021

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From the Success Desk

If you've been tuned into AVAIL for a bit, you've likely picked up that we agonize over keeping things simple.  We strive for fewer buttons, fewer steps, intuitive/flexible design, and consistent results.

Starting in June, we are applying that mindset towards our subscription plans and pricing.  We are consolidating plans and including more features that make content management and collaboration simpler.  Learn more below!

Also included this month:  Updated software versions, an important Azure SSO note, a new How to Harvest video, and a new blog from Randall!

Product News


In an effort to simplify and provide greater value and flexibility in our product offerings, the following changes will become effective June 1, 2021:

  • Basic and Team plans will be consolidated into a single plan called AVAIL.  With a base  price of $200/user/year, all users will now have access to expanded features, including unlimited Channels, up to 50,000 items per Channel, Thumbnail Virtualization, AVAIL Host in Cloud, and AVAIL Harvest.  A list of the included features can be found here.
  • Monthly payment option ($20/user/month) will now be available, in addition to our Annual option ($200/user/year).
  • Current Basic and Team subscriptions will be honored through the remainder of the current subscription, plus one additional year.

Additional questions and answers pertaining to the pricing changes can be found here.  Customers are invited to take part in our informational webinar(s) starting in June.

Register for the LIVE webinar:  June 3rd, 2021 at 2 PM ET



This month we released updates for the AVAIL Desktop, Browsers, and AVAIL Harvest.  Most notably:

  • The latest versions now include support for Revit 2022
  • AVAIL Harvest 2.0.9 now integrates with SSO (see important note below)
  • General bug fixes

Read the Release Notes

Download the latest versions

IMPORTANT NOTE for Enterprise Customers using AZURE SSO

The latest version of AVAIL Harvest requires additional Azure API Permissions; these are very quick and simple for your Azure manager to add - here is a quick video showing the process:  Adding New Azure API Permissions.

Helpful How-To

How to Harvest:  Getting Started with AVAIL Harvest


Local vs. Cloud Deux: The Great Cloud Debate

local-vs-cloud-debateCustomers around the globe are facing challenges with the growing number of places their information is being stored, plus new technical challenges introduced through cloud-first storage solutions. AVAIL CEO and Founder, Randall Stevens, shares his thoughts on making things simpler for people in an ever more complicated world of content.  ]


Company Updates & Events


AVAIL Harvest 2.0

We’ve all been constrained to organizing and deploying non-Family assets such as Drafting Views, Sheets, and System Families in Revit Project Files (RVT).  Commonly known as Container Files or Container Libraries, these files have traditionally been relatively easy to manage but difficult for users to search, find, and consume the elements held within needed to complete their daily work.

With AVAIL Harvest 2.0 those constraints have been lifted.  Now every Revit element appears as an individual object in AVAIL which can be tagged, searched, and then dragged and dropped into an active Revit Project!

Register for the LIVE webinar:  June 16th, 2021 at 4 PM ET

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