Best Revit Plugins and Features from AVAIL

AVAIL and Revit

Founded as a solution for architectural and engineering firms, AVAIL has supported Revit since its inception. Whether it’s easily navigating a Revit project, harvesting individual Revit Elements from a project, or automatically updating Revit files to newer versions, AVAIL saves BIM managers and designers valuable time. Discover more about our Revit plugins and features below.

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Support for Revit since 2017

Even though AVAIL supports all forms of content including AutoCAD, Rhino, and SketchUp, it has been imperative since we began as a content management solution for the AEC industry in 2017 that we support Revit.

Over time, we have only become better and better at supporting the needs of our Revit-using customer base. Today, Revit plugins—or, add-ons—like Project Navigator for Revit and Harvest for Revit all live directly in the Revit platform, helping users find and extract what they need from a Revit project quickly and efficiently.

Keeping on that trend, our development team is continuously improving the AVAIL for Revit plugins, making them even more helpful for Revit users. For example, in the most recent release of AVAIL for Revit 5.2, the AVAIL Project Navigator add-in was updated to take advantage of the new right-click context menu capabilities of the Revit Project Browser introduced in Revit 2025. And both new versions of Project Navigator for Revit and Harvest for Revit now support Revit assemblies and Revit 2025.

Learn more about AVAIL’s latest version releases and how to download them.

Likewise released this cycle, AVAIL’s latest feature Revit Application Version Management gives BIM managers the ability to automatically upgrade Revit files to newer Revit versions in AVAIL, saving them from the time-consuming process of versioning files manually.

The following is a breakdown of AVAIL’s most powerful Revit tools.


Project Navigator for Revit

Our Revit plugin Project Navigator is a companion to Revit’s native Project Browser to help, as its name suggests, navigate what can become a daunting volume of information in a Revit project. This is especially useful as projects grow, become more complex, and new team members join the project. Better yet, this improved search capability within a Revit project is compatible beginning with Revit 2019 so all of your teams can take advantage of these new capabilities!

Project Navigator makes it easy to search and browse Revit Elements within a project or conveniently search AVAIL to find the element you would like to bring into the project. 

A popular feature of Project Navigator is a new Instance Navigator that helps locate individual elements in a project.  This can be especially useful for BIM managers in identifying troublesome content within complex projects.


Project Navigator for RevitProject-Navigator_3

Revit plugin Project Navigator makes it easy to search for Revit elements in a project. 

Learn more about Project Navigator and Instance Navigator. 

AVAIL Harvest for Revit

Harvest for Revit simplifies what it means to manage, deploy and use what can be complicated-to-use Revit elements such as Drafting Views, Sheets, Schedules, View Templates, Materials and more.  Harvest for Revit allows management of this content within what are often referred to as “Container Libraries” or “Warehouse Files” (ultimately a Revit .rvt file) while providing users of that content a simple, searchable, and highly visual means of actually using the content. 

Discover more about Harvest for Revit.


Revit Application Version Management

AVAIL’s latest feature, Revit Application Version Management, automatically converts Revit .rfa and .rvt files uploaded to AVAIL Host-in-Cloud Channels to new Revit versions beginning with Revit 2021.

Utilizing these Revit files is just as easy. Designers select a seemingly singular Revit element to drop into a Revit session and the system intelligently uses the correct content for the Revit version they are working in.

Learn more about Revit Application Version Management and how you can request a demo or add a preview of it to your AVAIL account.




Founded in 2016 as a solution for architecture and engineering firms to find the information they need faster, AVAIL creates software for the global architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. AVAIL’s content management system (CMS) platform and Revit application tools help designers and engineers take control of their intricate network of files in one visual, streamlined solution. Spun out of ArchVision, a provider of Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC), AVAIL’s customers include industry leaders like Gensler, Perkins + Will, IMEG, LEO A DALY, and Populous.

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