BIM Process Map:  Creating a Content Workflow

BIM Process Map:  Creating a Content Workflow
Standardize your BIM content workflow in AVAIL for a more transparent, accessible, and sustainable BIM library experience

BIM Process Maps are a valuable tool for establishing team structure, software requirements, and sharing protocols with outside consultants.  But what about the flow of information within your own firm?

Without a clearly defined process, BIM Content workflows can be cumbersome, wasteful, and discouraging for team members.

At AVAIL, we believe content should be connected, and - when possible - delivered to the user in a way that can be easily interacted with, commented on, and exchanged.  We’ve developed the BIM Content Process E-Guide to help teams maintain an organized, up-to-date, and interactive content library, while providing command and control options to keep rogue content out.  This is part of our ground-up approach to digital transformation.

Click below for a downloadable copy of our BIM Content Process E-Guide, which includes:

  • Best Practices of Proven Leaders:  A sampling of information management challenges that we have worked through with our clients
  • Printable .PDF BIM Content Process Map that you can index into AVAIL
  • Contact Information of our Sales and Strategic Deployment team for further examples of how we’ve helped industry leaders deploy this strategy

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