BIM Software 101: Rapid Revit Transformation

BIM Software 101-  Rapid Revit Transformation
Transform your digital library experience in as few as 15 minutes with AVAIL Harvest

In our experience as BIM content experts, we’ve observed that every team has some body of content they rely upon.  While few firms have it all together, there’s usually a Revit door library, a template file, or furniture families that provide consistent and predictable design support.



If your team isn’t using AVAIL Harvest, chances are your content isn’t getting the reach it deserves.


“Where to start?” is a common refrain as teams begin the journey toward content paradise.  We reply:  Start with what you know (the content that is most ready) and expand your library from there.  With AVAIL Harvest - our new Revit file virtualization utility - achieving the content experience of your dreams takes as few as 15 minutes.  Read on to learn how that process breaks down, and how the results connect you to a transformed BIM experience.

Identify Winning Content + Create Channels (~5 Minutes)

Make a list of the content that’s ready to go.  For this sample, we’ll say “Door Families + Door Details.”  You can either create a generic channel for all the content (“Revit 2021!”) or create more specific channels. 

Channel Card images can be designed to help draw people into your ready-to-use channels.

Harvest (~10 Minutes)

The practicality of AVAIL Harvest surprises first-time users; simply run the utility on the container file(s) that your content lives in, filter by selection or content type, then watch the channels instantly populate with high-resolution thumbnails and meta-data.  Our Single-Container Source Type automates all file updates, so you never have to worry if the content in AVAIL is current.


Reap Instantaneous Benefits

Have you ever seen a Revit Drafting View visualized as its own discrete, searchable, previewable object, without needing to even open Revit?  This is the new paradigm with AVAIL Harvest.  Simply search, find, and drag-and-drop Revit content that once required lengthy dialog boxes to access.  


Make the Connection

With this first segment of content uploaded, you’ll begin to understand your library in a new way; everything is visual, everything is connected, and file updates are being automated behind the scenes.  Adding content types is a rinse-and-repeat of this process, allowing you to build bridges between content in unprecedented ways.  As you add more content to your library, the connections and overlaps increase exponentially, providing a richer and more holistic content experience over time.

Your first 15 minutes are just the beginning.

Ready to experience a digital transformation?  Reach out to our Product Evangelist for a free one-on-one product demonstration and technical assessment.

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