Isolate and Review Project-Specific Content in AVAIL with New Palettes Feature


AVAIL Desktop’s latest content management workflow tool, Palettes, makes it even easier to collaborate across teams. It gives all users the ability to isolate content in AVAIL Channels and drives redlining workflows with its PDF Exporter. Learn more about the new feature and how you can add it to your AVAIL account below.

Quick Guide


Introducing Palettes

AVAIL’s latest release of AVAIL Desktop 4.6 gives customers the ability to preview our newest content management workflow tool, Palettes.

Palettes make it even easier to collaborate across teams with AVAIL. They are user-customized lists of content and were designed to drive workflows such as redlining construction details. Any piece of content that is hosted in AVAIL can be added to a Palette.

While content hosted in an AVAIL Channel can only be updated by the Channel’s Publisher—often the BIM manager at a firm—Palettes give anyone with an AVAIL account—project managers, designers, engineers and more—the ability to compile and share content. 

Additionally, the new Palettes feature allows users to export PDFs of selected content to easily markup elements for specific projects.

creating a Palette

Palettes can be used to collect Revit details and drive redlining workflows.


Isolate and review project-specific content

AVAIL’s development roadmap is largely driven by our customers’ feedback, and Palettes is the result of  a specific customer request enabling project teams to collaborate on content workflows.

With Palettes, a project manager can collect details from a firm’s library for a specific project. The non-Revit-using project manager then marks up the details using the PDF Exporter outlined below to share with the Revit-using engineer or designer. 

With the shared AVAIL Palette, the engineer now can easily bring those files into Revit and make the requested changes.

New PDF Exporter feature for redlining

Within the Palettes feature in AVAIL, users can select the “PDF” icon on the right-hand side of the screen to open the PDF Exporter feature. After selecting the size of your page and orientation, you can then hover over the pieces of content in your Palette and select what you would like to appear on your PDF by clicking on the content. Your selected content will automatically appear on the page. Pages can be added, based on how you would like to layout the content. Once your document is complete, hit the “Export As” button and save your PDF, PNG, or JPG.

pdf exporter

Easily export Revit details into a PDF with AVAIL’s new PDF Exporter available with Palettes.

For project managers, this is an easy way to gather up details for an upcoming project, export a PDF of those details to markup in an application such as Bluebeam, and then share those markups—along with the AVAIL Palette of the files—with your designer or engineer to make those changes.


Add Palettes to your AVAIL account

After downloading AVAIL Desktop 4.6, customer administrators can turn on this feature for their account in AVAIL’s Manage Portal page. Once enabled, any user on the account with AVAIL Desktop 4.6 installed will be able to utilize Palettes.turning on palettes in the AVAIL Manage Portal

Administrators in AVAIL accounts can turn Palettes on for their account users in the Manage Portal page.

To learn more about how to create and share Palettes, as well as how to add and remove content from them, visit our Help Center article “What are Palettes?” 

Turn Palettes on in your account via the Manage Portal page.





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