Prevent Duplicate BIM Content

Prevent Duplicate BIM Content
Use AVAIL’s Search, Visualization, and Harvest capabilities to reduce duplicates and simplify your BIM content workflows

The problem of duplicate content in BIM workflows is a pervasive one.  BIM content is expensive to create, and would ideally be reusable - if it was properly stored and indexed.  Developing workflows that enable designers to find the content they need and eliminate rework is critical to project efficiency.

AVAIL’s Cross-Channel Search, Visualization, and Harvesting capabilities unite to form a powerful antidote for costly duplicate files.  Here is how:



1.  Cross-Channel Search:  The problem of siloed folders is widespread for companies of all shapes and sizes, but particularly for BIM content users.  With all that effort put into developing content, how can you ensure it isn’t being rebuilt time and time again?  Enter Cross-Channel Search, AVAIL’s new feature which allows you to search, retrieve, and compare thumbnails across your entire content library via one search box.  This allows similar and duplicate pieces of content to reveal themselves instantaneously, enabling you to avoid rework and find exactly what you need.



2.  Visualization:  Architects are inherently visual people, and so follows their content.  Subtle visual cues can often help someone tell the difference between two otherwise identical assets; for example, a unique flashing or header detail, door finish, or chair arm could be all a designer needs to hone in on their desired content.  Enter AVAIL’s High Res Thumbnails, a feature set enabling you to automate, customize, and optimize your thumbnails for maximum visual acuity.


3.  AVAIL Harvest:  Container files are a powerful tool in the BIM Manager arsenal.  These ad-hoc solutions for managing Revit content allow BIM Managers to develop, edit, and update like elements universally in one file; though, until recently, searching for those elements individually has been impossible.  Enter AVAIL Harvest, a file mining utility that virtualizes all of your Revit elements into individual components.  Get the best of both worlds - a central file to manage and discrete elements to deploy.  Finding things has never been easier.

Removing the paradigm of duplicate file creation is as easy as 1-2-3 with AVAIL.  Want to learn other ways we make things simple for BIM managers?  Check out these other articles!

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